Saturday, March 8, 2014

Rebooting This Blog...

For a period of approximately 5 years, the architecture and construction industries fell on difficult times in the US. During that time, I kept myself busy with social media (plunging into a number of avenues at full pace, and gradually stepping away from some outlets over time). In addition, I continued my study of architecture: the works of noted architects, select buildings, ongoing and new concepts implemented in successful developments, etc. I also continued to add to my growing photo collection of inspiring architecture... photos I plan to share with you (see attached photo below). 

Now, the economics conditions have turned and work has started to come in... come TO me, and in some cases, unexpectedly. And, the projects I'm currently involved with are more exciting, and more satisfying, than ever before.

With the current scenario in play, I've started putting together material and plan to start regular postings in the near future. As before, most posts will feature current projects, both in design and under construction, and I will do my best to provide interesting and informative coordinated text.

Stay tuned... it's in the works!

Chad Cooper

"Gamble House" by Greene & Greene

Saturday, September 28, 2013

New Book from Author/Architect Steve Mouzon


Steve Mouzon, author, architect, speaker, and co-founder of the New Urban Guild, has just announced the release of his new book "New Media for Designers + Builders". I had the opportunity to preview the book earlier this month... and, I really enjoyed it! 

This new book is very informative. It illustrates the role of the current social media, with emphasis on its use as a valuable tool for those of us in the design and build industry. Mouzon presents a view of "SM", his exploration of it as marketing and business tool, and his engagement and utilization of it in his own successful practice. As such, the book reads personal... and, invites the reader to take this journey as well. 
I came away feeling enthusiastic about my own opportunities utilizing social media. And, with the book's valuable guidance, for the first time, I felt like I could put together a real measurable strategy. 
I've been engaged in "SM" for years. It's bee interesting at times, and I've felt moments of enthusiasm about its possibilities as it relates to my work. But, I always felt disconnected, unsure, about how I should actively utilize it. With Steve's guidance, I'm surprisingly reinvigorated about what "sm" really can be for me and my work. I've already started to map out my strategy for making the most out of what social media offers the well-informed, confident participant. I no longer feel jaded about "SM"... and, for that alone, I highly recommend this new book.

This is the first blog post I've made in over a year! I think that's telling. 

.   .   .   
(Also, Mouzon has a great website for those of us looking for practical, real-world ways to view and apply the concept of "sustainability"... called the Original Green. It's a great source of info!)

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I've had these photos for several months but, have only now put this set together to post. These photos are of the residence at about 99% completion. Essentially, the project is complete with exception to a few items, including the installation of the exterior shutters and the fireplace in the Great Room.
For this first set of posted photos, I've compiled a set which includes exterior and interior views of the residence. I hope to post additional photos in the very near future... so, please check back in a couple of weeks if you're interesting in seeing more. Thanks!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Installation of the interior trim package and wall treatments has begun! I love this part of a project because the character of the "home" starts to come alive as the various pieces are installed. Window & door casing, baseboard, frieze board, crown molding, and wall treatments (utilizing T&G bead board) come together to create the character of the interior spaces.
The T&G bead board is applied at specified locations throughout the residence to achieve the following...
- Establish a consistent character throughout the residence.
- Emphasize focal points in select interior spaces.
- Provide wainscot treatment at the stair well.
- Assist in differentiating niches, alcoves, and other elements.
I included additional trim pieces to create a more formal expression (taenia with frieze above & architrave below), for use in select locations. The Living & Dining space includes these pieces, to provide a more fitting backdrop to the Fireplace mantle/surround I designed.

Notes For Each Of The Attached Photographs, In Order...
:: The stair going up to the 2nd Floor, from the 1st Floor Vestibule.
:: Looking towards the 1st Floor Vestibule (with French doors). You can see the stair leading down to the Ground Floor Entry, as well as the underside of the stair leading up to the 2nd Floor, which has been trimmed and treated with the T&G bead board.
:: Standing in the Kitchen area and looking towards the wall on the Dining side of the Dining & Living space. The additional trim pieces are visible on box-beam, above, and the walls in the Dining area. The T&G bead board treatment above the partially built Fireplace mantle/surround is visible as well.
:: Here's a closer view of the Dining area Fireplace wall.
:: This photo shows the "typical" trim pieces used at doors and cased openings throughout the house, as well as the application of the T&G bead board for wainscot, and it's application as a full height wall treatment in select locations.
:: The photo's a bit dark but, it shows the application of T&G bead board in the vestibule outside the entry door to the Master Suite... there's a built-in bench with hinged seat for storage of shoes, etc. Above the bench seat, shelving will also be installed.
:: Here's a photo showing the an alcove in the Guest Suite, which has a built-in desk installed (site built). Above the desk, a window with all the "typical" trim pieces is visible.
** Note: The Kitchen and the cabinetry in the Living area alcove has been built off-site by a manufacturer, per my construction documents, and will be installed in the near future. Site built cabinets are provided otherwise, including: Laundry Room, two computer desks, wet bar, and misc. closet cabinetry & shelving. **
:: Last interior photo for now... showing the door design for all interior doors, as well as the casing that is nicely joined between the closet doors and the opened pocket door.

A Few "Bonus" Photos Of The Exterior, In Order...
:: View of the Rear Facade... the exterior paint scheme has started to go up. It's a neutral color scheme: shades/tints of gray with the trim punched out in a creamy white and the Ground Floor vertical bay in-fill painted a contrasting charcoal.
:: A photo of the left-rear corner of the residence, which includes the outdoor shower enclosure.
:: Here's a closer view of the outdoor shower enclosure.
As always, I welcome all comments or questions and will do my best to reply in a timely fashion.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Congratulations to the New Members of the New Urban Guild!

I have some very exciting news to share...
I'm very proud to announce I am one of eighteen Architects & Designers comprising the newest members of the New Urban Guild! The Guild represents some of the most talented professionals practicing traditional architecture today... it's a great honor to be included!
Also, big congrats to the other new members! I have enjoyed getting to know a number of you via the TradArch listserv and other forums, and hope to get a chance to work with each of you sometime in the future.
Thank you to Steve Mouzon, Nathan Norris, and the rest of the Guild... for taking the time to review my portfolio of work and the various additional materials submitted for consideration during candidacy.

Here's a link to the announcement on the New Urban Guild's website:

Friday, May 20, 2011

A Mediterranean-Inspired Residence on Galveston Island

Several months ago I completed the final set of construction documents for a custom residence I designed. Since then, I've had fairly regular communications with the client... with the hopes that the additional
information, clarification, and recommendations I provide help mitigate the absence of my Construction Review services.
Over the past few days, the client has sent me a series of photos taken during the course of the build. Receiving and reviewing these photos is exciting, and I'm pleased to be sharing a number of these as
part of this blog post... my first for this particular project.
I must point out, I've noticed discrepancies between what's built and what I designed/documented. Unfortunately, such discrepancies are to be expected in the absence of regular on-site reviews... which is why I emphasize the importance of Construction Review for all custom residential projects.
The following are notes per the attached photos, in order:
- A view of the Rear Facade, which fronts a lagoon, wetlands, and a golf
course beyond.
- A view of the Rear Facade while standing on the golf course.
- A view of the Front Facade in earlier stage of construction.
- A view of the Front Facade with the Lightwell framed up.
- Front Facade with the windows installed... and framing at the Ground
Floor "Base Zone" (within the BFE) is well under way, including the
small screened "window" visible at left of center next to the ladder.
- This is a great photo, because the "corbels" at the main eave are visible.
- And lastly, a photo of the Front Entry's custom milled and glazed
entry doors.

Sunday, December 26, 2010